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Apartments for sale in Burgas

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Apartments for sale in Burgas

apartments for sale burgasTop reasons why you should get apartments for sale Burgas

If you are looking for housing in Bulgaria, Burgas is a city that you definitely need to pay attention to. It is also the second largest city on the Black Sea coast of the country. Geographically, it is located in the west of the Burgas Bay and is 390 km away from Sofia. The promising position of Burgas makes it one of the most industrial regions of the country. If you are willing to live in this famous city, you should definitely think about getting apartments for sale Burgas.

Specificity of apartments for sale Burgas

Apartments in Burgas are very diverse in terms of area, layout and prices. There are several types of properties in Burgas, namely new buildings and old houses. Apartments in old houses that were built in socialist times are very similar to Russian residential buildings – kitchen is built as a separate room, which negatively influences the cost. New construction differs, as the kitchen is made with a living room, which is very convenient in practice and saves space. Resale property in Bourgas in old houses is much cheaper than in new buildings. But here we must take into account that for a comfortable stay in such an apartment in Burgas you will need to do major repairs.

Price ranges for apartments for sale in Burgas

Offers for real estate in Burgas are quite diverse, but from the investment point of view the most interesting apartments are in the complexes, both finished and under construction. Inexpensive studios, one-bedroom apartments on the first line of the sea within 5-10 minutes walk from the beaches - any of these options has an excellent rental potential. The property in Burgas enjoys traditionally high demand among the Russians. The most popular areas of the city for buying a home are Lazur, Sarafovo, Izgrev and Zornitsa. Average prices for apartments start from 25 000 - 40 000 Euros, depending on the area.

Invest in your future and get apartment for sale Burgas

The city of Burgas is the best city in southeastern Bulgaria for investment. Its strategic position makes the city one of the most developed cities in the country, as the area has one of the most dynamic real estate markets in Bulgaria. Its warm climate also makes it an ideal place for a holiday home or for those, who want to move here permanently. If you are willing to invest in your future and buy an apartment in Burgas, check the following link: https://www.domaza.co.uk/apartments_for_sale_burgas/
Vitrin İlanları
Dream Residence
min 10 000 €
Maksimum 229 000 €

Satılık Emlak sayısı 8 Metrekare min 31.77 m2 Maksimum 367.86 m2 Teslim tarihi 31/12/2018

Güncellendi: 8 gün önce
Fotoğraf HARİTA
42.651651221292 23.309314728831 16
Carpe Vita 1-2-3-4-5
min 79 947 €
Maksimum 180 569 €

Satılık Emlak sayısı 89 Metrekare min 70.03 m2 Maksimum 124.53 m2 Teslim tarihi 30/03/2015

Güncellendi: 2 hafta önce
Fotoğraf Video
0 0 0
Bulgaristan / Burgaz / Burgaz / Lazur ID 235154
Burgas, Cote d'Azure
min 19 500 €
Maksimum 409 749 €

Satılık Emlak sayısı 20 Metrekare min 29.62 m2 Maksimum 217.35 m2 Teslim tarihi 01/06/2017

Güncellendi: 18 gün önce
Fotoğraf HARİTA
42.512001037598 27.470500946045 17
Bulgaristan / Varna / Byala city / ID 33411
Byala Sun Residence 6
min 30 000 €

Metrekare min 48.65 m2 Maksimum 48.65 m2 Teslim tarihi 31/07/2013

Güncellendi: 2 hafta önce
Fotoğraf HARİTA Video
42.874198913574 27.894599914551 17
Bulgaristan / Varna / Byala city / ID 50921
Byala Sun Residence 7
min 45 408 €
Maksimum 175 504 €

Satılık Emlak sayısı 5 Metrekare min 56.76 m2 Maksimum 237.79 m2

Güncellendi: 2 hafta önce
Fotoğraf HARİTA Video Web Cam
42.87670135498 27.894199371338 16
Bulgaristan / Burgaz / Elenite / ID 185863
Villa Astoria 6
min 46 520 €
Maksimum 213 367 €

Satılık Emlak sayısı 15 Metrekare min 29.1 m2 Maksimum 72.87 m2

Güncellendi: 2 hafta önce
Fotoğraf HARİTA Video
42.703601837158 27.809299468994 16
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